Skydive Georgia Photography Package... 

The video tells the story while the stills capture the moment. A 5 to 7 minute VHS video with music and special effects, and a optional roll of 24 stills (35mm print film). 

What kind of Video can I expect? 
A 5 to 7 minute film of your skydive dubbed from a Digital video camera on to a VHS tape with music and personalized with your name and the date of the your first skydive. We expect to film you at various times from when you leave the preperation area  including climbing into the aircraft, the ride to altitude, leaving the plane, FREEFALL, and landing. 
 How long before I receive my video? 
Within an hour of after completion your skydive, your custom video will be ready!!!

What kind of still photos can I expect? 
Fabulous. After your skydive, you will be given the 24 exposure roll of film taken during your skydive. Having the negatives yourself allows you the freedom to have enlargements and multiple copies made suitable for a variety of applications. Some of these applications may include greeting cards, post cards, and business cards.
Should I give advance notice? 

Sure. We need to schedule staff to meet your needs and the advance notice allows us to better serve you.
Can I take my own camera with me? 

No. You will be too busy with your skydive to look after your camera. It may be very easily lost or broken, being 2 miles above the Earth and going 120 mph, you will have enough distractions!

Can I have my friends take video or stills of me? 

Sure. They will be able to take pictures of you under canopy and while landing. They will probably be able to take close-ups of you after your skydive.

Can the camera person film more than one person (or, can my friend and I share the video)? 
No. The time/distance gap between exits preclude a camera person from being able to film more than one student per jump.


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